Thursday, May 2, 2013

Etsy Discoveries #2 - Mental Health Edition

Mint Green Pom Pom Bracelet - Not only is this bracelet cute and sweet, but it has a special meaning. Green is the color associated with the movement to raise awareness and acceptance of mental illness. I especially like the 'Never Give Up!' charm. It would be nice to just look down on your wrist for a gentle reminder.

Healing: A Collection to Benefit Mental Health Awareness 2013 Large Art Wall Calendar - This beautiful calendar is dedicated to the artist's daughter, who has borderline personality disorder. 25% of the profits from this calendar go towards NAMI, an organization that I love and support. Her whimsical artwork is fresh and inspiring.

Chill Pill Soaps - There is a variety of chill pills on Etsy (mints, jellybeans, crayons, etc), but these had to be the cutest. They come in several colors to match your bathroom color scheme. I feel like this would be another gentle reminder item. When you're just taking a few minutes to yourself in the bathroom, washing your hands, taking care of yourself, remember to take a chill pill.

Live Laugh Love Art Print - I love the cheery yellow color of this print! Maybe the slogan is a bit overused, but it's presented in a cute way. The little bird just eggs you on to be happy! Sorry, was that too awful?

This Too Shall Pass Necklace - Sometimes when you are depressed, it is impossible to imagine a future. It can be a challenge to plan your week, your day, or even your next meal. I love the message of this necklace, and I think that it is relevant for everyone Woah. Broad generalization! But it's true. We can all learn a lesson from this little necklace: nothing is permanent. An added bonus: this necklace is available in a matte or polished finish.

Thank you for making it through my second day of Mental Health Month. I hope the celebration of unique minds continues throughout this beautiful month. I would like to reiterate my desire to post your material. Creative writing, a a photo essay, a song that gets you through difficult times, anything. 

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