Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May is Mental Health Month!

Happy May Day!

Today, as well as being a day of spring festivities and relaxation, marks the beginning of Mental Health Month. If you are a occasional/frequent reader of The Awkward Indie Girl Blog, you know that mental health is very important to me. I have personally struggled (and continue to struggle!) with bipolar, major depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors, disordered eating, and occasional paranoia.

Besides medication and therapy, blogging has been the most helpful tool by allowing me to understand my various issues and communicate my thoughts with others. Because of blogging, my support network has grown radically. I am touched by each comment and message that I receive. 

So this month, Mental Health Month, I would like to focus on you, my readers.

I want to feature passionate, creative content, and I want some of it to be created by you. I am welcoming submissions of any variety this month: written work, music, video, and anything visual. If you have questions or ideas, those are welcome too!

I will also be coming up with my own content, and I will try to post every day. I already have tomorrow's post created. It's another Etsy Discoveries post - this time, Mental Health edition!

I hope you have a beautiful first of the month.

I'm so excited to share the next 30 days with you!

xoxo Jenna