Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Music

Sometimes the key to a great mood lies within the right song. Conversely, the wrong song can make a bad mood even worse. I remember sitting on my bed in the dark, blasting the Fray, after I moved away from my best friend. Just hearing their songs makes me sad now. I also remember playing Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" on repeat after my sixth grade boyfriend gave our three day relationship the axe. Cringe worthy moment?

Music is powerful. We evolved to enjoy music, and there are enough types for everyone to find something. It doesn't matter whether it's pop, rock, dubstep, metal, reggae, or classical. As long as it makes you feel good, it's the right music for you.

Today on my blog, I'd like to share some happy music with you. I can't guarantee that you'll like it all, but I can hope that you find one song that brightens up your day.

(Also, if you know your mood but can't find the perfect song, my friend Simon recommends Stereomood!)


My awesome friend Dillon, king of music, put together a 14 song sampler of happy tunes.


My Current Happy Playlist:

My brother made this playlist:

Enjoy, and please leave your contributions in the comments!