Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tattoos and Mental Health

I love my cousin Danielle. When we were younger, I rarely saw her because she lived in the Southwestern United States and I lived in Europe, but I would get very excited when I had the opportunity to see her. My most vivid memory is of us playing "Dolphins" in the pool with my cousin Sierra. Sierra and I were the dolphins, and Danielle was the evil mastermind trying to steal our brains. It was a good time.

When Danielle contacted me about this post, I got excited again. She's actually going to have two posts on my blog this month! This first post is about her tattoos and how they helped her to overcome her depression.

So without further ado...

I know everyone has different opinions on tattoos, but I hope we can all respect Danielle's decisions and her artwork. I love how her tattoos tell an original story, her story, and that wearing this story gives her strength.

If you'd like to see more of her work, check out

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